Am I Dyslexic? A Dyslexic Person Often Ask This Question From Himself


Am I dyslexic, it is critical to know the actual degree of dyslexia in person? It is a dysfunction of a vocabulary language system, which conveys the information of thoughts and concepts in the form of the words whether written or spoken.

It is a reading disability which causes due to an error in the processing of brain to diagnose graphic symbols.

Am I dyslexic

It is also called learning disability of the way the brain processes were written material, for example, word recognition, spelling, and decoding.

Why A Dyslexic Person Ask This Question, Am I Dyslexic?

A general term for disorder having the difficulty of learning to interpret words or read, and other symbols and letters, but not having any effect on general intelligence.

It is also known as a chronic problem of reading; it affects a large percentage of those identified as learning disabled. It is a reading disorder, is characterized by trouble with reading despite normal intelligence. Different people are affected to varying degrees.

Some of the possible reasons to this complicated question are given below:

Am I dyslexic, the brain is slightly different from the normal brain? Studies have shown differences in the anatomy, organization, and working of dyslexia affected the brain as compared to the non-dyslexic brain.

am i dyslexic in math

Some people suggest that dyslexic people tend to be a more right brain. The right hemisphere of the brain is associated with lateral, creative and visual thought process.

Dyslexia is not related to a social background or race or mental ability but it is the tendency of dyslexia to have in many families and that the brain differences, resulting dyslexia.

It may also be hereditary.The neurological differences impact of giving the dyslexic person in a different way of thinking and learning.

This usually means that the dyslexic Person has a record of cognitive qualities which shows the person’s strengths and weaknesses.

Am I Dyslexic? Always Worried About The Career

It seems that many parents who had children or their teachers could not find this disease symptom and the result a child when reaches to adulthood the condition makes it grip stronger, and he faces so many difficulties reading or writing in the regular life activity.

How You Besure To Know That, Am I Dyslexic?am i dyslexic or just a bad speller

Having dyslexia test for adults is paramount to know about their mental condition to get them stabilize, all this process runs through regular tests to help them get back their confidence. It is based on their behavior.

How To Analyze Dyslexia Test For Adults Through Behavior?

Most adult dyslexics will exhibit the following traits and behaviors. These characteristics are sometimes inconsistent and may vary depending on the day or situation. The dyslexic people’s behavior is different in the different environment.

  1. Always frustrated in the planning meetings and subsequent processes, try to show over confident. Employed in the job will hide difficulties or not discuss the problems with colleagues, co-worker, friend or family.
  2. Used in the position will protect difficulties or not examine the problems with members, partner, friend or family.
  3. Feel difficulty focusing and staying the on task may feel comfortable managing different tasks simultaneously.
  4. May pass up promotions opportunities that require real administrative skill.
  5. Thrives in careers where visual-spatial kinesthetic talents can be realized: For example, engineer, entrepreneurs, trades like plumbing, electrical carpentry, interior designer, Actors, Musicians, Athletes, businessman, police or investigation officer.
  6. May be a perfectionist and overreact when they make a mistake.
  7. Feels Difficulty passing standardized tests which can be a barrier to career advancement.
  8. Excellent thinker and operates with very strict rules for i dyslexic or just stupid


  1. May be able to feel emotions or energy of others.
  2. Remembers the past and struggling in school.
  3. Instantly annoyed by noises and other environment factors.
  4. May also appear to be “zone out” and be unaware what is happening.
  5. Enjoys games, especially video games.
  6. Misuses, Misspeaks and also mispronounces words without realizing.
  7. May also have excellent recall of past events which were experienced.
  8. Maybe confuse due to previous conversations
  9. Feels difficulty remembering people names, use some trick to remember names but recognizes faces.
  10. Feels difficulty remembering verbal instructions.
  11. Difficulty reading unfamiliar fonts, writing text and also spelling.
  12. Avoids reading loudly. May also dislike public speaking loudly.
  13. Reading fluency and comprehension depends on upon subject
  14. Get tired and becomes bored easily while reading. Words out of context look “wrong.”
  15. Makes a lot of spelling mistakes and having poor handwriting.
  16. Mixes capital letters within words or writes with all capital letters also Abbreviates words usually.

Is This A Disease Or Disorder?

According to the earlier reports from an institution, it is discovered that it is neither disease nor illness. This is the cause of the brain’s parts which were naturally damaged or gets affected by the other disease. However, in many cases, it is not medically proven yet.

From Where People Develop This Condition?

am i dyslexic teenager quiz

It seems that this type of situation people had in their early childhood. Sometimes even the teachers who are trained and can easily solve this problem in a child can’t even find out. Parents can’t see where their child lacks the potential to be on top in the class. There are few short symptoms

  • Short memory
  • Having difficulty reading and writing result vision problem (nearsightedness)
  • Can’t speak properly
  • Have average performance instead of other classmates
  • Hardly learn any new skills

Which Types Of Tests Are Best To Diagnose It?

Since adults are looking to get a job or need to have admission to the university, they must go and seek help from the professionally trained doctors who can do the dyslexia test for adults to diagnose it.It seems math poses a significant problem for the adults because numbers are very hard to read and their handwriting also be very messy so the doctor would give him testing methods of a subject to find out about his condition and treatments.

It seems math poses a significant problem for the adults because numbers are very hard to read and their handwriting also be very messy so the doctor would give him testing methods of a subject to find out about his condition and treatments.

am i dyslexic test for adults

The doctor will ask about your medical history, inform your doctor of every neurological and health problem you had in your childhood.

He will also run some tests like about your eyesight, hearing capacity, to psychologically see there any anxiety or depression issues.

You will undergo some special tests not physically, like scanning your body or draining out your blood, But to check your academic, intellectual abilities about skills to see the causes of dyslexia.