Cough Variant Asthma Test, The Ideal Way To Control Asthma


Cough Variant Asthma is critical to see to determine the best treatments of which level it is required. It is a very common disease which is treatable; that can have very impacted on the quality of your life. Many people have this problem since their birth, for the age of 12 to an older person.

What Exactly Is Cough Variant Asthma?

cough variant asthma

By having the cough variant asthma test is the way to work out to which level of asthma presently you have and how you can control it. According to a survey, more than 56% people with asthma are well controlled.

Many experts of asthma agree that the level of cough variant asthma test is the main key to finding out the best treatment for it. It will give them a number to tackle their sufferings.

It is not something that urgently needs surgeries or other cures. In this case, you have to find out what level it is and then proceed what is necessary.

That’s why below we have listed some facts about how to do cough variant asthma test to get it under control, why you should take the test in first place.

cough variant asthma attack

It is a condition about your lungs airways. People who had it are very sensitive while having a problem breathing in their lungs airways. It reacts and triggers asthma and makes harder to pull in and out the breath. This disease affects people of all ages, and it starts from your childhood. There are more kids than older who are affected by asthma right now.

 What Does Cough Variant Asthma Test Mean?

Just controlling means you have no wheezing, coughing, shivering, having no interruptions in the night while sleeping, and don’t need any emergency visits to your local hospital or doctor.

It means that you are participating in those activities which you are enjoying and don’t avoid them at any cost. You don’t have to rely on the reliever use it very less and live life more.

cough variant asthma child

How To Find That You Have To Go For Cough Variant Asthma Test?

There is three reason of it where airways become very narrow such as

  • The lining of the lungs airways becomes red and feels swollen in the inflammation system
  • When the airways are blocked then mucus a sticky fluid is being produced around the lungs
  • The muscles around your airways get squeezed tightly

Why Should You Take The Test In The First Place?

When it comes to your healthcare, it is essential that you discuss it with your professional expert that can help you to run the test quickly to see how bad it is.

This test contains five easy questions, and its results will determine the level of cough variant asthma on your health.

cough variant asthma home remedies

In the past one month how much your asthma prevents you from doing as much work as you can.

During the past one month how much you had experienced the shortness of breath.

During the one week times how often the symptoms of asthma (coughing, wheezing, chest pain or tightness woke you up in the night earlier than the usual in the morning.

During that time how often you have used the reliever medication like rescue inhaler or blue inhaler.cough variant asthma nhs

How you would like to rate your asthma control during the past one month.