What Do You Think, Are The Major Causes Of Itchy Skin No Rash?


itchy skin no rash The irritating and unpleasant sensation of Itchy Skin is caused by the mild stimulation of nerve endings which usually transmit pain.

What is itchy skin no rash?

Itchy Skin or Pruritus is an irritating sensation of the skin. It is thought to be caused by any mild stimulation of the nerve endings that usually transmit the feeling of pain. Itching may occur in some circumstances:

when the skin is inflamed (for example, by a condition such as dermatitis), as the result of an insect sting or bite, or when the skin is healing from a cut or burn.

What Causes itchy skin no rash?

Dry skin is a common cause of Itchy Skin, and the dryness is often the result of excessive bathing, which removes natural skin oils.

Itchy Skin is also quite common during pregnancy, although the reason for this is unknown. Most diseases of the Itchy Skin cause some itching to occur, as do certain other serious illnesses.

An allergic reaction to some foods and medicines may cause an itchy rash. This can happen within minutes or up to an hour or two later and is due to the release of a substance in.

However, because the skin may take several days to build up a sensitivity to the allergic substance, it may not react immediately. Once a reaction has occurred, further exposure to the substance will make the Itchy Skin.

Makeup, Sunscreen lotion, hair products and creams containing lanolin may all cause an itch in the area where they have been applied. Nickel, used in some jewelry or watch straps,

These reactions are usually due to a condition is known as contact dermatitis. Soap and detergents may also be irritants to sensitive skins, so clothes should be thoroughly rinsed after washing. Fashion Blog

The patient’s medical history will help the doctor determine the cause of the allergic itch. If it is possible to identify the substance responsible for the allergy, avoiding it in future will often cure the problem.

Itching has many other causes. Eczema, which usually starts as an itchy rash in the folds of the elbow and behind the knees, often runs in families. Infestation with a mite or worm is another potential cause of Itchy Skin.

This is usually accompanied by a rash, such as is seen in ringworm or scabies. The bites of fleas, berry bugs and midges also cause itching, as do some warts. Kidney failure, leukemia,

When should I see my doctor?

You should see your doctor about any itchy area that does not settle down after a short period. Also, any itchy area that spreads rapidly over the body should be shown to your doctor as a matter of urgency, particularly if it is accompanied by a feeling of being unwell or if blisters also appear on the skin.

Natural remedies for itchy skin no rash

A paste of bicarbonate of soda and water may be useful when dabbed on simple itchy spots.

Vaseline or spirit (after-shave or toilet water) is soothing to insect bites.

The itching caused by chicken pox can be soothed by applying calendula lotion to the affected parts.

What will the doctor do?

Your doctor will ask when the itching started and may want to take scrapings from the affected area to send to the laboratory for analysis. The doctor may also take a small biopsy (a tiny area cut from the itchy lesion) for analysis.

A local anesthetic will be given, so the procedure is painless. A blood treatment from your doctor will vary according to the cause of the itch. Allergic itching can typically be controlled by antihistamine pills and creams. Eczema may need hydrocortisone creams of differing strengths. Antifungal ointments will be prescribed for ringworm, and special shampoos and lotions will be prescribed to treat lice and scabies.

What can I do myself?

Many of the pills, lotions, and creams used to treat itchy skin can be bought over the counter at the chemist. If you are sure of your diagnosis you may use them without going to the doctor,

Use a moisturizing cream if you have dry skin, and avoid scented soap and excessively hot water. Try to avoid scratching. It may give temporary relief but tends to make the itching worse in the long run. Suppress the desire to scratch by applying soothing lotions and ointments, and by taking antihistamines.

Is Itchy Skin dangerous?

Itching is not dangerous, however, in most cases, it can be very unpleasant. If a mole starts to itch, you should see your doctor, as it may be early.


It is possible to buy hydrocortisone cream over the counter, but it should be used with caution. It may make an infection worse, may damage facial skin, is dangerous to use around eyes, and should be utilized on a regular basis only under medical supervision.