What Are The Major Cause Of Lung Cancer?


    People who have a high intake of fat enriched food have 11 times greater chances of suffering from lung cancer than the average person.lung cancer disease

    What factors triggers the lung cancer? 

    Smoking: Smoking is the leading cause of lung cancer, the chances of cancer increased by 10 to 13 % than youngest in heavy smokers, lung cancer is a greater crisis for the community, In addition, the passive smoker also could not escape from the threat of lung cancer, according to a statistics, smoking causes the family members suffering from lung cancer risk increased risk by 30%.

    The cause of cancer are connected to many reasons, yet not determined thoroughly, but genetic along with the internal factors are also associated with the lung cancer, while some people who have a genetic problem are not suffering from lung cancer.

    lung cancer

    Air pollution is another primary cause of the lung cancer because the air is continuously getting polluted due to the industry, traffic pollution is increasing the dangerous air pollution.

    What Are The Symptoms of lung cancer?

    Early symptoms of lung cancer are not apparent, the patient often difficult to consciously and early detection of missed opportunity, in fact, lung cancer is also a spider Sima track to be found, which should pay more attention to physical changes.

    A cough: Cough is the main symptom of lung cancer, early and more sporadic, dry cough or an irritating cough, cough is usually only a small amount of white sputum or no sputum.

    Bloody sputum: the tumor vascular fragility or cancer vascular invasion caused hemoptysis; small blood clots, a small amount of blood was bright red or dark red, often repeatedly appears.

    Mentoring Chest: chest appears dull pain and feeling of pressure and repeated attacks, initial pain point is not fixed better able to endure, to be serious, chest pain fixed position, and to persistent tingling intensified.

    lung cancer symptoms

    Dyspnea: advanced, since the airway resistance would lead to breathing difficulties, asthma and some will be similar to the sound of wheezing in early.

    Unexplained fever: infection of fever, easy to repeated attacks, the temperature, is not high, generally about 38 degrees C, but the fever and feel much different.

    Hoarseness: Experts discovery, because lung cancer cell invasion or oppression of the vocal cords can cause hoarseness, sometimes utterly speechless, but feel the sound occur with a cold, sore throat and so hoarse different.

    Also, the body can also cause lung disease,

    have the following signs such as

    1. weight loss,
    2. loss of appetite,
    3. muscle or joint pain,
    4. skin neuromuscular abnormalities,
    5. muscle weakness syndrome,lung cancer survival rate
    6. fingers and toes from acromegaly,
    7. male breast enlargement,
    8. testicular atrophy,
    9. endocrine disorders,
    10. metabolic disorders.

    Cancer symptoms are not specific

    Other diseases may also similar symptoms; it can be confusing also, such as

    • tuberculosis,
    • pneumonia,
    • chronic bronchitis,
    • symptoms and lung abscess,
    • bronchiectasis,
    • pleurisy,
    • heart disease,
    • osteoarthritislung cancer nodule


    Treatment for lung cancer depends on the type, the degree of diffusion and health of the patient.

    Small cell

    Cancer is usually diagnosed when it has spread, so the general use of chemotherapy is advisable.

    Non-small cell

    Cancer treatment can be combined with many of these methods through

    • surgery
    • chemotherapy
    • radiation therapy
    • laser.

    Non-surgical treatmentlung cancer ribbon

    Radiation therapy is the use of radiation to kill cancer cells, which uses a radiation beam aimed at the cancer cells transmit, make tumors shrink.

    Chemotherapy combined with radiation therapy in general, this combination therapy is most commonly used to treat small-cell cancer patients.

    Chemotherapy drugs destroy cancer cells through. This is the main way to deal with a small cell, but can also be used for non-small cell lung cancer patients, can be carried out before and after surgery or with radiation therapy.

    Biological therapies

    Area class of drugs, the use of the naturally occurring substance in the human body to kill cancer cells. These elements can be modulated through extensive use to fight cancer.

    Biological therapy drugs include

    • erlotinib(Tarceva),
    • gefitinib (Iressa),
    • cetuximab (Erbitux)
    • bevacizumab (Avastin).

    Radiofrequency ablation or (laser therapy) refers to high-energy beams to kill cancer cells, for patients with early-stage non-small cell lung cancer,

    Photodynamic therapy relates to the photosensitive drugs injected into the body so that cancer cells absorb, then the low-intensity laser intensification drugs kill the cancer cells.

    This treatment is suitable for an older excellent range of non-small cell lung cancer, or the patient who do not want or can not undergo surgery.


    Not spread non-small cell lung cancer may be treated with surgery, depending on the cancer tumor size, type, and location.

    Treatment of cancerlung cancer sounds

    Treatment of lung cancer, depending on sooner or later, standard treatment lesions found about surgical therapy, chemotherapy, radiation therapy, immunotherapy and mixed treatment and so on.

    Effect of surgical treatment is better, about half cured, but for early cases. Patients with inoperable, you can pick radiation, chemical and other treatment to relieve the patient’s symptoms.

    Reminding people should have a high degree of alertness, especially those at high risk, except for regular checks if there is unusual symptoms should immediately seek medical treatment.

    How to avoid cancer-causing factors?

    Quit smoking, the sooner, the better, especially young people, pregnant women and individuals at high risk of lung cancer should not smoke

    Avoid living in an air pollution; if conditions permit, try to choose fresh air living

    How to improve bodily functions to prevent cancer?

    Exercise in the fresh air environment, stimulating blood circulation.

    Every morning and evening in the chest with the palm of friction can enhance lung function.

    Take care of their Huxixitong to avoid the occurrence of respiratory diseases.

    Eat foods, such as radish, carrots, bean sprouts, pumpkin, walnuts, lily, almonds, watermelon, sugar cane, turtles, sea cucumbers, milk, goat’s milk, barley, etc. Also, drink green tea also has anti-lung cancer effect.

    Anti-cancer foods are dark green leafy vegetables (green color the more the better, such as broccoli, spinach, asparagus, green lettuce, cabbage, etc.), orange or yellow fruits and vegetables (deep orange color, the closer the better, such as pumpkin, carrots, sweet potatoes, tomatoes, loquat, etc.).

    Experts said that carotenoid-rich fruits and vegetables have the best anti-cancer effect.